Small town girl from North east charms film industry

Preeya appeared in her debut video donning a dazzling green saree and desi girl looks that anyone may die for.


Every year, a number of fresh faces are introduced to the audience on the silver screen. Preeya Subba is one such small town girl who debuted a few days back. With looks of late teens Sridevi and charm of a next door girl Preeya Subba seems to be poised for a promising career in film industry. But some fundamental flaws may derail her career even before it begins.

Preeya appeared in her debut video donning a dazzling green saree and desi girl looks that anyone may die for. Her green saree was complemented by designer jewellery which added to her desi appeal. She has been mentored since the last couple years by veteran actress Priya Subba.She also has more than a couple of years of experience modelling for Fashion Indra.

Her acting seems like a mix of desi charm and late teens cuteness but lacks the glamour of an A-list actress. She seemed quite comfortable in front of the camera. Her acting skills are better than any average film industry entrant however some scenes may make you feel that her acting lacks the emotional depth to captivate the audience. It is a lot more reminiscent of a bhojpuri or amatuer film actress trying to mask her lack of acting skill with eye winks and seductive charm.

In an interview with NLN media Preeya said that she aspires to take up a variety of roles and even wants to experiment with character roles rather than just sticking to romance genre like new entrants in the industry. Preeya needs to put a lot of work in adding emotional depth to her acting if she aspires for roles beyond teenage chick flicks.

She has everything to be the next social media sensation however staying in the industry requires a different skill set altogether. She has already been offered roles in a couple of upcoming feature films and has signed an advertising contract with BigX prime.

Young aspiring actors travel each year to Mumbai with dreams of glamour and fame in their eyes however a very few make the cut.The rest are never heard of. Let’s see if we see her giving an IFFA acceptance speech ten years from now as she definitely seems to have the potential for it.

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