New strain of coronavirus detected in France

The new strain detected is different than the one detected in UK.


The first contamination of the cluster detected in a geriatric center near Rennes in France does not correspond to the British variant of the coronavirus, the Brittany Regional Health Agency (ARS) announced on Friday in a press release.

The French health ministry reported that two clusters of the UK variant affecting a total of 19 people had been detected in a care home in the western French region of Brittany, and in Bagneux, a southern suburb of Paris.” Regarding the seven residents and the other professional who also presented a variant form of the virus, the results of the sequencing are expected by the beginning of next week”, specifies the ARS.

In the case of the Breton cluster, “the disease does not seem to be different from the others. There have been analyzes because there was a link with England. This is what we do systematically but the clinical dynamics of this epidemic in this cluster is no different from the others, “Matthieu Revest, infectious disease specialist at Rennes University Hospital said.

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