Jonas Masetti, the ‘Vishvanath’ of Brazil praised by PM Modi

'Vishvanath' of Brazil, Jonas Masetti, praised by PM Modi in 'Mann Ki Baat'


New Delhi | Like every last Sunday of the month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation through his radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’. PM Modi celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding people, working for societal good in his radio show. In today’s edition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about the rich heritage of Indian Culture and its impact on the people across the world. Indicating Jonas Masetti’s work in Brazil, he said that India’s culture and scripture have always been a centre of attraction for the entire world. Some people came to India in search of them and stayed here for life. While some returned to their countries as cultural ambassadors of India. Prime Minister Modi introduced Jonas Masetti from Brazil who spreads the teachings of Vedas and Geeta in the foreign country. PM said, “I got to know about the work of Jonas Masetti, who is also known as ‘Vishvanath’. Jonas gives lessons on Vedanta & Geeta in Brazil. He runs an organisation called ‘Vishvavidya’ which is located in hills of Petrópolis about an hour’s driver from Rio De Janeiro.”

PM Modi also shared his journey and his inspiration that took Jonas Masetti on the path of Geeta and other Indian scriptures. According to news agency ANI, after completing mechanical engineering, Jonas worked for his stock market company. Later he was attracted towards Indian culture, especially towards Vedanta. He studied Vedanta in India and spent four years at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Coimbatore. Prime Minister praised the ‘Vishvanath’ of Brazil (Jonas Masetti) for following the scriptures with such determination and spreading the positivity with his learnings and teachings. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated him for his efforts. Also, PM Modi talked about the founder of Sikhism whose messages reverberate all around. PM has also spoken about the recent farm reform law which was passed by the parliament.

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