Is Kaulantak Peeth fake?


         We were brought into attention on one of the posts in quora stating,“Is Kaulantak Peeth fake and do they really teach tantra?” As a form of investigating journalism, we tried to uncover the whole thing. But for that, we needed to be clear on the topic of tantra. The accuser there or the one who posted there didn’t explain what tantra is. Normally, a person who claims has to produce some sorts of evidence but the post from the onset was all about accusation without providing any forms of evidence at all. So, we undertook the initiative on the behalf of the accuser to prove is Kaulantak Peeth is fake and if they really teach tantra.

For this purpose, we interviewed one of the practitioners of Kaulantak Peeth who is also a practicing corporate lawyer. He accepted for the interview with a condition that the media would portray his words as his private opinion and not temper with it. Secondly, he is from Nepal and lives near Guhyeshwari Temple in Kathmandu. Furthermore, Kathmandu is the hub of tantric practices from time immemorial. The important tantric temple of Kathmandu was made in such a way that it resembles a sword. Sword implies Veerachari tantra or Kaula Tantra. He is an ardent devotee of Guhyeshwari Devi as he was initiated into the wisdom by Kaulantak Peethadhishwara, Mahasiddha Ishaputra himself.

Thirdly, he is in association with Kaulantak Peeth for the past nineyears. So, we thought we would ask him major questions and that shall help the readers to form their own opinion and then use the power of their own rationality to infer the answer of the question that is the heading of the post.

NLN Media: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Practitioner: My name is Advocate Vishnu Pokhrel. I am a practicing lawyer. Besides my profession, I am an avid follower of spiritualism. It’s been nine years that I am connected with the Peeth.

NLN Media: First of all, please explain us as to how your nine years journey with Kaulantak Peeth been? Has it always been as you have desired?

Practitioner: It was in 2012, when the Peeth organized its first shivir in Kullu district. I took the first deeksha and I have been taking the deeksha ever since. My first impression on him was someone who was well versed in many wisdom forms. I had studied a lot before going there. I still remember, I had asked so many questions to him and he replied each and every question. One particular thing that amazed me was that we were only five people who were taking the deeksha. He had only selected five of us for deeksha and the deeksha day were two days. Besides that he was a media personality when he gave us the initiation as his programs headlined various leading news channels like India Today, Aajtak etc. He had rejected many people for the deeksha as I figured it out later. I am in a firm opinion that he didn’t conduct the first deeksha for money. A media person like him who had topped TRP for his programs for India Today would organize a camp for the profit of few thousand rupees. Plus in the camp, he didn’t sell us anything like the yantras. Instead, we all participants received rudraksh mala from him and we were given the local Himachal cap as souvenirs. I was convinced by him that we wasn’t initiating us to make money. He would have earned more, if he had done the program for media houses.

NLN Media: So, what made you believe him and foster your trust on him? Did you in this nine years of journey never felt that you were being duped or if whatever he was doing was fake?

Practitioner: Absolutely not. The first deeksha made me believe that I was not being duped and my belief strengthened after the second deeksha. The second deeksha was “Dus Mahavidhya” deeksha and it was conducted in Mumbai. The first day, he gave the sermon in the auditorium of Mitti Bai College. The deeksha rashi was just 2000 ruppees. Honestly, I went to Mumbai to attain the camp because I didn’t believe that he would impart all ten mahavidhyas at rupees two thousand because the previous deeksha, I had paid more. I went to Mumbai to travel and enjoy Mumbai as I had never been therebecause I was also warned by one of my tantra practicing friend that no guru in this universe would bestow the dus mahavidhya in two thousand rupees. Actually to be honest, I believed him because I was once affiliated with another spiritual organization who would mostly conduct Mahavidhya camp and they used to take hefty sum of money for a Mahavidhya. I travelled Mumbai for fun and my accommodation was managed by the sadhak who I had met in the first shivir so my accommodation and fooding were done and it was free. It was more time to travel and visit the beaches.

The first day, we heard his sermon of dus mahavidhya which is also available in youtube that happened in the auditorium of Mittibai College. The second day, the dus mahavidhya deeksha was conducted in the presence of few sadhaks and he initiated me into whole Dus Mahavidhya deeksha for the price of two thousand. I was still skeptical. After the deeksha, the whole expenditure of the camp was calculated and the funds were insufficient to pay the bills. He then contributed with his own money which was still insufficient. I and the other sadhak from the previous shivir donated as I myself felt that dus mahavidhya initiation with the amount of two thousand rupees was too cheap. I and the other sadhak willingly donated because he and I were of the same opinion. He came to the shivir to give the initiation of the Dus Mahavidhya and he returned with empty pocket after having contributed his own money. The shivir was not organized by him. A sadhaka had invited him but in the last minute, the sadhaka withdrew for unknown reason. There were two options, either to cancel the deeksha or to organize it in loss, he chose the latter. My belief on him became fixed in thefourth camp held at Chandigadh.

NLN Media: Ok. So what happened during the fourth camp? Please tell us and then we would move into other questions.

Practitioner: The fourth camp was held at Chandigadh. It was the Asta Lakshmi Deeksha. The price to join the course was also not much. It was just 3500 rupees. We waited for him in the eve of the deeksha shivir. He came little late because he had to travel from Delhi to Chandigadh. He had a program in Aajtak and he couldn’t miss because he was called as guest in the show. He was often called by aajtak for the dharm program that used to be aired in the afternoon time. Aajtak regularly called him for the show. When he came to the shivir, he gathered in the hall and to my surprise we were only seven people.

He then revealed that he had rejected more than hundred applications for the “Asta Lakshmi Deeksha” because he told us that they were only interested to attain the shivir for the purpose of Lakshmi. In the shivir, there were four of us who were from the previous shivirs. Only three new people were given entry and they were also given entry because they had applied in the previous shivirs but couldn’t make it because of circumstances. The eight forms of Lakshmi Deeksha were bestowed to us cheaply. I am sure, he didn’t make money out of us because we were seven people and he had to arrange the lodging and accommodation for two days. The hall was hired for two days plus the food. I am also of the opinion that he had to inject his own money in that shivir too like the previous one. I then believed him plus I also had few experiences in sadhana. I then decided that he is right for me. After few shivirs, I was given the opportunity to stay with him and most of the sadhana that I received after that were free of cost because there are two ways to receive a deeksha in Kaulantak Peeth. The first is through physical sewa and the second is through paying the amount. I consider myself very fortunate in this regard.

NLN Media: But the shivir prices hiked from 3500 to 10,000 these days. As a person, who has been associated with the organization for long?Do you think it is justified?

Practitioner: Absolutely. It is justified. There are many instances where people organize camps to teach what we teach and they charge insane price. Our prices are a fraction compared to them. We have been emailed by our well-wishers with proof as to what people are charging by copying our wisdoms. We charge fixed amount and in that fixed amount, the organization manages everything. The

People should also be aware that the courses organized in his name are not organized by His Holiness but by the organization. An organization has to be registered, pay tax and has a separate legal personality. Kaulantak Peeth in terms of organization is different from His Holiness. Whatever the price is fixed, it is not fixed by His Holiness but by the organization. He is not in the organization. The organization fixes it and people are free to choose or not to choose. As in the matter of mercantile law, the organization doesn’t make offer to the people. It is the people who make an offer to the organization and when their offer is accepted then people are allowed entry.

Lastly, the organization is also not obliged in any way to provide free deeksha to the mass because the organization doesn’t take donations. Whatever expenditure is incurred of the organization, it is covered by the funds of the organization. Since, the organization doesn’t take donation therefore the organization is also not obliged to act in a certain way as per the wish of donors. Therefore, the organization has less people to support its mission. Furthermore, people who are against of what we do in a way is fueled by jealousy and it cannot be cured. Let the people call the organization fake, nothing shall ever change.

NLN Media: But there are many accusations that have a moral base too. For instance, I read in one of the comment section of your online portals that the organization only reveals things in the camps, why can’t it be done publicly?

Practitioner: Well, people who make such accusation should be aware that when a medical college teaches MBBS, it teaches to only few people and not the general public. Having large number of doctors is ultimately beneficial for the society but the medical board will not allow that because they have a system through which they impart education and similar is the organization. I tell you from my own experience in both spiritual and my work experience, it is absolutely impossible to satisfy all people in this world. Whoever has a dissenting opinion are absolutely free to have it but they should not do in such a way that shall cause or to be the cause for libel, slander and defamation.

We also have a record of so many breaches of our copyrights. Our articles, our pictures have been used by people to run their business. We have never ever sued them as we have only warned them to not use our materials for their businesses. People they do not copy the essence, they copy and they modify our contents to make money and in the process adulterating our wisdoms. What would have happened, had we made all our teaching public? I am sure, it would have been grossly misutilized and gullible people would have been thugged.

NLN Media: One last accusation against Kaulantak Peeth is that it is called fake because it teaches things not mentioned in tantra scriptures. Should the teachings of the peeth not be congruent with the tantric texts available in the public domain?

Practitioner: People who makes such blatant accusations are the one who are the most closed minded. People are free to give their opinions about things they like or dislike but how can you say anything authentic or fake without having tried it at first place. Look, if you were to use logic to portray something as false then remember I am also an advocate. Logic alone is not used in adjudicating a case. Logic based on objectivity is to be trusted. A person’s opinion doesn’t mean that the person is right. Even if the person is logical, it might not be truth because the premises of his argument might be false. People giving their opinions are based on their subjective thinking, how can their subjectivity find an objective meaning. If a person calls Kaulantak Peeth fake then look at me, I have beenassociated with the peeth for almost a decade now. I have tons of experience with a peeth. If you are talking about logic, should the people trust a person who has never had a personal experience with the peeth or a person like me who has almost a decade long experience?

Let me now answer the second part. See, my friends were once explaining me how tantra works. He told me that Kaula tantra is not the way I think. He cited some sources. I then replied him that he also practices the same that I am practicing. I asked about various secrets of tantra and he was unaware of that. I told him that that these secret links of tantra is not revealed in book. It is only revealed by a guru to a disciple through oral tradition. My question was very simple. I asked him, how should a Kaula Siddha greet their Guru? He said he was unaware. I told him those greetings are taught by guru to a disciple personally. I then revealed me how one should greet a guru because it is not written in any tantric scriptures. This is where it makes all the difference. Whatever is written in the tantric scriptures are mainly for references because the original wisdoms lies in the words of the guru. He was numb and he kept quiet because he knew what I was talking about.

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