New book “Brief Answers To Big Questions” released by Kaulantak Peeth on their social media

Currently available in english in downloadable pdf format on


NLN WORLD: The release of a new book titled ‘Brief Answers To The Big Questions’ by Kaulantak Peeth was announced on their social platform.

This book is a compilation of conversation between the head of Kaulantak Peeth- Maha Siddha Ishaputra & his consort Ma Padma Priya. This book reveals the perspective of a Maha Siddha hailing from the most ancient tradition of Himalaya on the issues that are hot topics of scientific research and still baffles even the smartest minds of the world.

When we contacted the author, we were told that the author translated the recorded conversation between Maha Siddha Ishaputra & Ma Padma Priya that happened during their recent visit to Switzerland. This book covers the perspective of a siddha from Himalaya on space, time and artificial intelligence and other ideas of science.

Apparently, this book comes as a Siddha’s take on the book by Stephen Hawking with the same title.

This book surely is a fresh perspective to understand the deepest mysteries of the universe. It reveals the wisdom of the ancient Siddhas on topics that are part of latest research in science & technology, many still remains unsolved by the modern science.

Currently available in english in downloadable pdf format on &


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