Book of Kalki, “Stop Mob Lynching : For the Protection of The Pious” released online

Stop Mob Lynching : For the Protection of The Pious, the third book of Kalki, released on as free ebook download


While the nation and the whole world is shocked by the mob lynching of sadhus in Maharastra, India, we are featuring another book release by Kalki. It appears Kalki has released another book on

A while ago we featured the release of “Human, Kaliyuga & Virology” the first book & the “The Light In Darkness” the second book on They were books where Kalki gave terse messages, one hundred and eight messages, identifying some peculiar ideologies, as delusion of mind, that has gripped many in the world just like a virus, while the second volume talked about ways out of this mindset.

The third book, “Stop Mob Lynching : For the Protection of The Pious”  comes at a time when the nation and the world is gripped by shock of two sadhus and their driverse being killed by the mob in Palagarh, Maharastra, India.

This book covers thirty sayings of Kalki on mob lynching. He gives terse sayings in question & answer format on origin, psychology of mob lynching and who benefits from such heinous acts.

When we asked people who have read the book, they said that the book gave them pointers to think about mob lynching in the world in a fresh perspective. They claimed that this book helped them understand the situation that happened in Palgarh better.

The link to download this book, “Stop Mob Lynching : For the Protection of The Pious”, which is offered for free, can be found on

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