Book of Kalki, “Light In Darkness” released online

Light of Darkness, the second book of Kalki, released on as free ebook download


While many in the world celebrate the holy Easter week, there is sadness and trepidation in the air about covid-19 corona virus. Amidst this when around half the world is under lockdown, we are featuring another book release by Kalki. It appears Kalki has released another book on

A while ago we featured “Human, Kaliyuga & Virology” the first book released. It was a book where Kalki gave terse messages, one hundred and eight messages, identifying some peculiar ideologies, as delusion of mind, that has gripped many in the world just like a virus.

In this second volume to the first edition, Kalki is talking about measures to cure this delusion. The book is titled, “Light In Darkness”. It is offered for free right now. Again, complied as one hundred and eight terse sayings. Kalki has addressed wide ranging issues of Dharma, religion, science, politics, ideologies and conflicts in the world.

When we asked people what they think about this second volume, we heard more people being convinced about the ideas that Kalki has spoken about. The skeptics who took the first volume not so seriously opined that they do understand clearly what Kalki is talking about and have begun to resonate with his ideas.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a silent change that might sweep the world in coming times. Perhaps this will be an eye opener for some and maybe criticized by some.

One thing is clear, during this troubling time of epidemic that has gripped the world, this book does give a new perspective to the people already sitting in home due to corona virus or generally affected by the slowed down world.

The link to download this book, “Light In Darkness”, which is offered for free, can be found on

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