Sadhvi Pragya, The rights of woman and unprofessional misogynist Spicejet crew members


Vishnu Pokhrel : The recent row of Sadhvi Pragya with spicejet light members caught my attention while surfing a news website. The news website had written the information with such precision that they left no stone unturned to defame Sadhvi Pragya. The news portal didn’t mention the full facts of the incident. They portrayed Sadhvi Pragya as anti-common people. I was also in the first impression that Sadhvi Pragya was behaving badly by reading that particular famous news portal which I wouldn’t want to mention. My views changed when I researched about the incident about her in other news portals which gave the proper information without being biased to Sadhvi Pragya.

The facts of the incident are that Sadhvi Pragya had booked a front row seat which the flight people had not mentioned was an emergency seat in the spice jet flight SG 2489 from Delhi to Bhopal. She had also paid extra to procure that particular seat so that she gets extra legroom. She came in wheelchair to the flight because of her medical condition and it nowhere implies that she couldn’t walk. She chose to come in wheelchair so as to not stress her legs and nowhere did it imply that she couldn’t walk. The spicejet crew at the ticket time didn’t disclose to her about the seat and its requirement which they were legally obliged to do so. Even in the check in time, they didn’t disclose the information about the seat to her. When she boards the plane she is then told that she is ineligible to be in that seat because of her medical condition which angered Sadhvi Pragya because she had booked that particular seat for the legroom space which the seat provided so she voiced her concern and asked the crew to not be biased on her.

The crew people were very unprofessional because first they tried their best to hide their own mistake of charging her the extra ticket and then refusing her later. The last decision in the flight career may be with flight correspondents but that doesn’t give an excuse to hide their unprofessionalism in handling the situation. Furthermore, the spicejet members were deeply misogynist in handling Sadhvi Pragya because their intention were all biased against women and disabled people specially against a woman. First of all, does the crew member want to send the message that only men are suitable to sit in the emergency exist? Woman in India who are house wife and the age of Sadhvi Pragya all have similar body structure.

Should the crew members also reject house wives in the emergency seat because of their view that house wives cannot handle the emergency seat in emergency? What makes them so sure that Sadhvi Pragya cannot handle the emergency exist. Are they not aware how she handled such physical abuses from the police while at jail? If she can take the beatings of the police and their physical abuses, how in the earth can she not handle that emergency exit? How can the crew member be so judgmental about Sadhvi Pragya? Sadhvi Pragya then protested because it is her rights to do so. The flight was delayed not because of Sadhvi Pragya but because of unprofessional conduct of spicejet. How could the trained professionals commit such grave mistakes and act out of misogyny? It is also evident that the crew members were misogynist in handling Sadhvi Pragya case. What makes them so sure that Sadhvi Pragya cannot handle the emergency exit and others can? Is wheel chair a deciding factor for handling emergency exit? The thought process of the crew members seem to have been deeply rooted in misogyny because they presumed that a woman who has boarded the plane cannot handle the plane because of her being a woman.

What roles would the flight attendant play in the time of emergency; would they all fold their hands and become dependent upon Sadhvi Pragya to unlock the door? It is a clear case of misogyny and misogynist biasness and discrimination against Sadhvi Pragya. The airlines should be ashamed of their anti-woman stance. The bearded guy who in camera gives advices to Sadhvi Pragya in a rude tone seems to be misogynist. He seems to be doing it from his deep misogynist nature because Sadhvi Pragya was complaining about unprofessionalism from the crew members. Who knows he might be from other party or anti-BJP party. I am not defending BJP here but a woman. Why should the bearded guy talk rudely with Sadhvi Pragya. Was it an unconscious act to muster his masculinity by belittling a female politician in front of the camera? Did he then satisfy his misogynist tendency by scolding a female MP when there were so many female passengers who had the rights to do so but refrained? I suspect that the person must be misogynist in nature because India is a patriarchal society after all and that bearded guy is no immune to patriarchal bias.

He must have increased his self-esteem that day and he must have boasted as to how he subdued Sadhvi Pragya to his family members. The question here is not related to Sadhvi Pragya at all but rights of woman. Should woman be subjected to such biasness in the plane to not have her granted the emergency seat because of her being a women with medical condition? Does the flight lack a crew manager who could have handled the scenario but opted to act from his/her misogynist nature? The question is that had a woman been placed in that seat and if emergency came, will all the people and the crew member be totally dependent upon a woman or would struggle and also aid in handling the exit? This is a clear biasness against a woman but because the person whose right was in question is a female politician, all people decided to sub-due woman rights. Spicejet should apologize for the whole incident not based on Sadhvi Pragya alone but based on collective conscience relating to woman.

If they don’t change their recourse no wonder in future they shall be known as misogynist airlines. They could opt to change the course by training their crew members to handle such cases with equity. Time will tell.


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