Croma store refuses to take feedback for Apple products


17th August, Pune: A Croma store inside Seasons Mall of Pune, also the authorized seller of Apple products in India, willingly mislead a customer by claiming that the technological giants do not take feedback from the international customers. The customer wished to give a constructive feedback for the technological giant which might help them re-address the feedback and concerns of international customers related to the mackbook pro. The customer is an Apple product loyalist who is an avid user of the Apple brand and has been using it for almost a decade.

The concerned deputed person in the Croma store who also introduces himself to be the authorized deputed person from the Apple company remarked, “Apple doesn’t take feedback from international customers.” He refused to render his full support to the customer for providing a valuable information and guide, based on his obligation to give the best advice to the clients. He outright rejects the customer which also accounts to his breach of his duty because he is an agent on the behalf of the Croma store  and Apple. The words of the agent also implies the word of the principle parties i.e. Apple brand itself.

In pursuant with the statement, we did a google search and found the Apple India website. The Apple company is also registered in India as Apple India Private Limited registered at Bangalore, India. The company does list out a calling number and an email address for contact.

Furthermore, a quick search in the internet also lead us to a feedback page on Apple products. ( The feedback also displays the following

Apple strives to bring the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and internet offerings. Apple welcomes your feedback on its products. Begin by selecting a product below”

The Apple website clearly mentions that it takes feedback from consumers around the world to bring best personal computing experience to them. From the statement of Apple, we can infer that the person on the duty refusal to guide the customer is immoral and breach of duty. The act of the deputed person as per the Apple website must also be against their own policy of receiving feedback.

So, the question arises as to what must had been the motive of that store person to reject international customer or mislead the customer against the feedback of the Apple product? Should Apple deeply be concerned with their associates on skillful handling of their customers on their behest?

Apple, the technological giant should also clarify if that is the official stand of the brand itself while dealing with international customer and also if the deputed person reflects the moral and ethical standard of Apple, in maximizing the experience of their customer?

The customer hopes that his feedback reaches Apple and concerned parties through us and also receives feedback for the same.

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