Baby born in flight after emergency landing

Baby born in flight after emergency landing


HYDERABAD: A plane made an emergency landing at the Hyderabad airport to usher in the birth of a newborn. The incident took place on May 8, when the flight originating from Riyadh to the Philippines made an urgent request to land at Hyderabad in order to help one of the passengers going through labor.

The flight made an emergency landing to enable medical assistance for the lady who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy and labor pain.

A team of doctors and nurses from Apollo Cradle were stationed at the airport, post-security checks.  The moment the flight landed, the medical team helped the mother deliver a baby girl normally,  in the flight itself. However, the umbilical cord was left intact, as the team could not carry the surgical blade necessary to sever the cord, due to security restrictions. They transferred the mother and baby with the umbilical cord intact to Apollo Cradle.

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