Yogini Ma Shivagni, the fearless tantric Bhairavi in her deep meditation in the jungle of Assam.

In today’s day and age, Bhairavi are nearly extinct because there is no proper guide for a woman to become a Bhairavi. It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to become a Bhairavi. One such Bhairavi who exists among us is Ma Bhairavi Shivagni.


Women are overburdened with lots of expectation imposed to them by society. The society through the use of patriarchal domination has always marginalized women into house hold duties and especially to care of the family. Women in every religion, culture have lot of standards to meet to prove their real worth. It in a way imposes limiting beliefs upon women to not pursue their absolute best. One such domain where women have to face such limiting beliefs is spiritualism.

Today, most of the spiritual gurus are men and there are comparatively less women in comparison to men in spiritual field. Women are seen more pursuing bhakti then tapas and sadhanas. For women to pursue tantra, yoga, sadhana, she has to be a Bhairavi because Bhairavi is the path of shakti and women are the epitome of shakti. Shakti breaks all the bondages from worldly to limiting beliefs.

In today’s day and age, Bhairavi are nearly extinct because there is no proper guide for a woman to become a Bhairavi. It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to become a Bhairavi. One such Bhairavi who exists among us is Ma Bhairavi Shivagni.

Ma Shivagni, she chose to become a Bhairavi because somewhere deep inside she knew that the society enslaves women. She could also feel that entrapment because her core could mix with everything in the world but not dissolve in them. She knew her absolute core wanted something that the society didn’t offer to her at all. She then pursued sadhana and the path of Bhairavi from one of her Siddha guru.

After her initiation, the first sadhana practice she performed was in the jungle of Assam. Assam is the area which falls under Kamarupa, Kamakhya. Kamakhya is shakti and she is the epitome of the shakti path. She is the path for a common woman to become a Bhairavi. Bhairavi Shivagni therefore extensively practiced sadhana in the jungle of Assam. Mind it, the Bhairavi sadhanas are one of the most complicated and hardest among all the sadhanas because it is pure psychological in nature.

Man and woman are physically same but different in biology and genetics yet worldliness is common to both. Men and women are fed with beliefs from the society, sadhana means to break that tapestry of beliefs and have a clear cut perception, cognizance and understanding of the world and the surroundings. Man pursue Bhairava sadhana in tantra while women have to pursue Bhairavi sadhana to break those limiting mindset as well as unlearning or uninstalling all those beliefs fed to both sexes by the society.

Bhairavi Shivagni took to the jungles of Assam for a deep sadhana to elevate her from the limiting beliefs and shortcomings of the society. In the deep meditation, every mantra she chanted removed gradually the small chains that were interconnected with each other to form a solid inner chain of bondage. In her deep mediation, she through her dedication and mantra, broke that inner chain, one link at a time and unlocked many limiting beliefs. The whole act of sadhana is often psychological and mental. It is the behavior and though process that changes which ultimately changes the nature of a human.

She gave us an interview about her sadhana path and her struggles few months back. We were so deeply touched by her dedication. We asked her for the permission to video her while she was in deep sadhana. With great reluctance, she agreed. She tried every means to deflect our persistence but she agreed on the condition that we shall only film her from distance. She also asked for assurance from our part that we shall not disturb or cause to disturb her sadhana. We were free to leave anytime while filming her but we couldn’t ask her to turn her sadhana into a filming event. We agreed because the jungles of Assam had intrigued us and the lifestyle of a tantra practicing Bhairavi.

The jungles of Assam are one scary place. The Bhairavi sadhana in the deep jungles of Assam infact are very dangerous as one has to risk their life to pursue sadhana. Therefore, the first prerequisite to perform sadhana in those jungles is that one should either be Bhairava or Bhairavi because it implies facing the fear and transcending it. She had been practicing sadhana in the deep jungles of Assam for a long time but she kept it hidden so that her sadhana was not disturbed.

We filmed her as per her terms and conditions and we also complied with our obligation to not cause or cause to disturb her sadhana. It was one great experience for us because we had never ever spent overnight in a jungle of Assam. While the fox were howling at night, while we were praying that all things go well, it was only she who was deeply immersed in her sadhana. She would light a dhuna and with the warmth of the dead twigs, she would simply keep on chanting mantras. We were deeply intrigued to see her great level of dedication to pursue the path of Bhairavi.

It was a very unusual experience with her because in the day time, she would keep on moving from places to places and at the night time especially after the evening time, she would start her sadhana. This is very intriguing after all because she sits in sadhana being well dressed but mostly in evening time to late nights. She wears a big tika or mark on her agya chakra, she wears the red maroon dress with yellow borders. She looks well dressed in the deep jungle of Assam where there is no one to witness her. It is absolutely incomprehensible as to why she performs her sadhana in the night time, in the bushes filled with thorns. She gathers dead leaves, flowers, herbs, bushes and makes her asana while she meditates seated upon it.

After the evening time, the insects become vibrant, mosquito starts to buzz around. Even in the midst of such disturbances from the insects, her dhyana is not broken. She does have insect bites yet she is less bothered. We also had some photos taken of her through our mobile camera just before the evening gives way to the night. She must have some knowledge of those herbs that can repel the mosquitos and insects as there are no way to survive amidst those insects and be immune from them.

Furthermore, she doesn’t have much arrangement of foods with her. Plus the jungle is where the local people take their cattle in the day time. It is absolutely hard to escape from their sights yet she is successful. She even mentioned to us that it is very hard these days to perform sadhana unlike before because the jungles have now been invaded by people for many reasons. As per her, people invade the jungles primarily for drinking alcohols and freaking out, secondly for unsocial activities and thirdly the most prevalent one these days, selfies and videos to upload in the social media platform. Through her revelations, we could at least infer one of the reason for her practicing the sadhana in the evening and night time.

She also revealed to us that the areas were inhabited by Karbi and Gorkhali people and they lived in perfect harmony without any disturbances from outside. Even the locals have now have started to dislike foreign interference in the jungles. As per her, in the days to come, it would absolutely be impossible for woman to practice sadhana in these jungles because of everything she mentioned.

We spent few days with her in the jungle of Assam and we had to prematurely return from the sadhana because it was impossible for us to survive another day in the jungle. There was a heavy dose of our own inner insecurities beating the hearts out to compel us to depart. We then asked for her permission to return back to the society in one of her breaks. She permitted us but she chose to stay because her sadhana was a month long and it was not even a week that we were there.

After that, we did not get any opportunities to meet her because we flew to Delhi from Assam. She had promised that she would contact us after the completion of her sadhana and is she came to Delhi or Maharastra. Till then, we thought that this brief introduction of her would open new doors of perception to all the aspiring women to pursue tantra but is held back by limiting beliefs of the society. Her full fledge introduction in the days to come shall introduce a new level of thoughts about women and their spiritual emancipation.

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