Paundrika Krishna Worship Cult Uncovered

The secret behind a multi-billion dollar religious cult that has been duping people all around the world in the name of Bhakti of Lord Shri Krishna. 

In a shocking revelation, NLN World was apprised about the presence of Himalayan adept yogis who know the secret behind a multi-billion dollar religious cult that has been allegedly duping people in name of Bhakti of Lord Shri Krishna.


According to our correspondent’s source- who is a Himalayan Siddha adept Yogi; on the condition of anonymity, made serious allegations against a world-renowned organization for indulging in the demonic cult rituals of Paundrika the Preta, all in the name of Lord Shri Krishna. This organization ironically is even endorsed by various Governments in several social outreach programs. This cult has a large following, especially in the west.


This report is based on an investigation by our team of crime reporters who obtained exclusive interviews of reclusive Siddha adept yogis of Himalaya.  Apparently, this piece of information was once widely known in the circle of ‘Babas’ and Yogis of Himalaya but it never reached the mainstream society through formal texts like Puranas.



Lord Sri Krishna Vasudeva was born in Dwapara Yuga for re-establishing Dharma before the start of Kali Yuga. During that time, another personality called Paundrika Krishna also took birth in the Pundra Kingdom which lies in the modern region of Bangladesh. This Paundrika Krishna was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Through penance, this duplicate Krishna had even obtained boons of four arms and even Sudarshan Chakra, mace from Lord Shiva. He even had Padma(lotus) signs on the sole of his feet. Having obtained the boon from Lord Shiva, Paundrika Krishna even hired a paid retinue of people and devotees serving him along with his own version of Gopis to imitate Lord Shri Vasudeva Krishna. Paundrika Krishna boldly declared himself as an avatar of the Lord. To lure people, he promised material wealth and luxuries to anybody who worshipped him as the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Interestingly, he was not a bad character. He was quite generous in helping others and did a lot of charity. He actually never harmed anybody except those people who questioned his avatarhood and refused to consider him as God.


The Himalayan Siddha informed us that it is true that if one considers the Sutras of Veda true that Lord is present everywhere then one has to admit that Lord is present even in Paundrika Krishna. He further added that even Lord Shri Krishna said in Gita that:
yo māṁ paśhyati sarvatra sarvaṁ cha mayi paśhyati , tasyāhaṁ na praṇaśhyāmi sa cha me na praṇaśhyati“, meaning
For those who see me everywhere and see all things in me, I am never lost, nor are they ever lost to me.”


Our source said that this universality of Dharma that Paundrika Krishna exploited created a big problem for Lord Shri Krishna in serving the world. Paundrika Krishna had even created a jungle for himself where he even kept his own version of Radha and other Gopis. Paundrika even did the similar Raas Leela as Lord Shri Krishna did in Vrindavan. To fulfill the prophecies of the avatar given by Rishis, Paundrika meticulously crafted his life story based on Shri Krishna so much so that he even created a fake Kansa, Putana, and other characters to imitate important Leela of Lord Shri Krishna.


All this drama by Paundrika forced Lord Shri Krishna to approach the imposter Paundrika. Shri Krishna urged him not to imitate him, and to stop pretending to be an avatar. But Paundrika paid no heed to Lord Shri Krishna and instead called the actual Lord Krishna an imposter. Insulting Lord Shri Krishna by calling him a mere cowherd, Paundrika claimed that he is the real avatar and is the true Lord of Laxmi (Laxmipati).


This insistence by Paundrika who repeatedly insulted Lord Shri Krishna led to war between the real Shri Krishna and the imposter Paundrika. In this war, Paundrika was killed by Lord Shri Krishna. The further prophecies about the avatar were fulfilled not by Paundrika but the real Lord Shri Krishna.


We were told that this story is present in various Puranas, the holy texts of Hindu Dharma. But the controversial part in the story which varies in different versions is about what happens to Paundrika after he was killed by Lord Shri Krishna.


In Srimad Bhagwatam, it is mentioned that Paundrika reached Vaikuntha- the abode of the Lord by virtue of being killed by the Lord himself. This was confirmed by modern Bhagwatacharya, who are experts on Srimad Bhagwat Purana.



But the story of Paundrika based on folklore widespread in Himalaya differs from the Puranic version. This traditional folktale says that when Paundrika Krishna was killed, he chose not to go to Vaikuntha but stayed in this earthly realm as a disembodied spirit. He decided to trouble Lord Shri Krishna until his power and ‘Siddhis’ would allow. Moreover, when Paundrika was killed, he became angry at Lord Shiva, Indra, and other Gods and Goddesses. In extreme rage, he vowed and made it his mission to stop the worship of Lord Shiva, Indra, and other Gods and Goddesses altogether on earth. Paundrika thus took the form of a powerful Preta and refused to accept his liberation.


Modern Bhagwatacharyas, who have studied Srimad Bhagwat Puran in detail accept that there was a character called Paundrika Krishna but they do not agree fully to this traditional folk story widespread in Himalaya. They say Paundrika attained Moksha to be in Vaikuntha.


However, now that Siddhas and adept Yogis are confirming what traditional Himalayan folk tales have been echoing for a long time, this version surely cannot be ignored. Especially when it is this tradition of Siddhas and Rishis of the Himalayas that wrote down these Purana in the first place. We have both versions of this story. It is up to your own research to decide on which version you believe.  Nonetheless, there are hidden mysteries in this tale of Paundrika.


The Himalayan Siddha alleged that Paundrika is still around mankind and continues to hinder the work of Lord Shri Krishna by demonically influencing the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna.  Around the former Paundra kingdom- including the whole of the Bengal region, one has seen many such instances in recent history. In the last few centuries, Paundrika the Preta, through his siddhis, has manifested in front of devotees who are engrossed in the bhakti of Lord Shri Krishna and claimed to be the Lord.  He has even given blessings and boons to the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna pretending to be the actual Lord Shri Krishna! When such devotees turn to him in full faith, he cleverly incepts in the minds of such gullible devotees to disrespect and demean Gods and Goddesses that Lord Shri Krishna himself encourages his real devotees to worship.


Unable to understand that it is  Paundrika the Preta’s and not the real Shri Krishna’s teachings, some devotees of the Lord end up worshiping only Paundrika and missing out on the real divine path of Lord Shri Krishna. Deluded by the Maya of Paundrika the Preta, those devotees even established their own tradition and Kula based on worshipping Paundrika without even knowing it.


Instead of worshipping the real Lord Shri Krishna, this tradition continues to worship Paundrika the Preta even today. Many famous devotees of Lord Shri Krishna have been duped by Paundrika the Preta into his cult that is thriving as a grand organization having a presence in several countries across the world.


We were categorically informed that to resolve this confusion that arose in the degenerated era of Kali Yuga after the so-called Bhakti period in recent history, Siddhas have given ‘Sutras’ (principle) to discern between the actual bhakti of Lord Shri Krishna and the fake tradition which worships Paundrika the Preta.


Are you following Lord Shri Krishna or Paundrika the Preta?


The first tell-tale sign of the real devotee of Lord Shri Krishna is that he or she would also be a devotee of Lord Shiva. The deluded devotee of Paundrika the Preta would disrespect Lord Shiva and devalue his worship.


Secondly, a devotee of Shri Krishna would also worship all forms of Devatas because all the Devas and Devis are present in the vast cosmic form of Lord Shri Krishna. But the deluded devotee of Paundrika the Preta would insult other Gods and Goddesses by labeling them as inferior,  incomplete and unworthy of worship.


Another clear indication to discern between a real devotee of Lord Shri Krishna and a follower of the cult of Paundrika the Preta is obvious when it comes to Lord Indra. A true devotee of Lord Narayana will be respectful towards Lord Indra since he is a close friend to Shri Vasudeva Krishna Narayana. On the other hand, the cult of Paundrika the Preta is strongly against the worship of Lord Indra.


The Himalayan Siddha further informed that its a great conspiracy of Kali Yuga to stop the worship of Lord Shri Krishna by promoting the cult of Paundrika the Preta. This cult and its various branches across the world allegedly plays with sentiments of the devotees by appealing to their senses and lures them with repeated chantings and delicious satvik food which is sold at a premium price to attract gullible people to join their cult.



NLN World leaves it to the intelligence of its ardent readers to find out who they are worshipping and if they are actually following the teachings of Lord Shri Krishna or merely inflating the ego of a disembodied but powerful Preta.


Nonetheless, this article is a reminder to its reader to be watchful of deluded cults who exploit innocent people in the name of Bhakti, devotion, and religion.


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