Mumbai man flashes inside ATM, woman posts video on social media

Mumbai man flashes inside ATM, woman posts video on social media


The #MeToo movement in India in 2018 gave confidence to millions of women to report sexual harassment, abuse, and assault. While some alleged that the assaults were reported way later just to gain “publicity”, this Mumbai resident proved otherwise.

Shibani, a local resident narrated her ordeal when she went to withdraw money in a Hari Om Nagar ATM to pay to an autorickshaw driver.

“It’s 3 am when I’m typing this. A man just flashed me his d*** in a f****** ATM! I had gotten down to withdraw money to pay the Rick and was I was facing problems and this guy offered to pay for it but he kept touching me, inside the ATM! I decided to record him and he…(sic),” she said in one of her posts.

While the man kept touching her inappropriately and started flashing at her, she decided to film the whole incident. In her 19-second-video she is seen saying, “You know what? How about I record you, right?…Trying to hit on me in a f****** ATM, right?”

The accused, realizing being filmed, ran away.

She later narrated the whole incident on Twitter. The man has been identified as Sandeep Khumbharkar, was seen crying and pleading, when an official FIR was filed against him. Thanking Mumbai Police for their timely action, Shibani wrote on Twitter that he was arrested by the police. Taking cognizance of the incident, State Bank of India replied to her tweet applauding her for her timely act and presence of mind. They also assured her that they would look into the matter.

Chinmayi Sripada, who has been the flag-bearer of the #MeToo movement in Tamil Nadu, shared Shibani’s story on her Facebook page. “Not too many women have the strength and presence of mind to record this. This is what women face in public spaces that are supposed to be safe. This happens in Chennai too, in buses, trains bus stops and elsewhere. Most women complain that no one helps even if they see this. What will you do? Well done, Shibani,” she wrote.

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