Standing ovation for Indian doctor-couple who saved a woman’s life mid-air

Standing ovation for Indian doctor-couple who saved a woman's life mid-air


Do doctors ever get to take a vacation without work coming in the way?

When Nitin and Neeta Zabak, a doctor-couple from Kalyan, Maharashtra decided to go on a vacation to Australia, they had had no idea that they would be saving a stranger’s life.

After their holiday had ended, the Indian couple took a flight from Perth, Australia to Singapore.

Less than an hour after take-off, the flight attendant made an announcement seeking help from medical professionals on the flight. Annie, a 63-year-old Australian woman, had fallen unconscious after sweating profusely.

Both Nitin and Neeta rose to the occasion and started treating the woman immediately with the aid of an emergency kit available on the flight.

Dr Neeta administering CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) helped Annie regain consciousness. However, the pulse was feeble. So she had to insert an IV line into the patient’s arm. Dr Neeta managed to do that successfully with just a mobile phone’s torchlight aiding her.

Equipped with very few medical supplies and no knowledge about Annie’s medical history, both the doctors were treading on dangerous ground. Despite that, they managed to save Annie’s life and monitored her pulse until the flight landed at the destination.

Right after reaching the Changi Airport in Singapore, a medical team took Annie to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Hypoxia.

The Indian couple received a standing ovation from both the passengers and the flight crew and the airlines gave them gift vouchers to express their gratitude.

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