After #MeToo, Chennai Journalist starts hashtag movement for men #WeToo

After #MeToo, Chennai Journalist starts hashtag movement for men #WeToo


CHENNAI: After the #MeToo for women created a storm across the country, with complaints of sexual abuse pouring in, a journalist in Chennai has started a similar movement for men affected, harassed and tortured by women to air their grievances.

The hashtag movement #WeToo (MEN) was started two days after the #Me too movement gained popularity and after singer Chinmayiand her mother went public that men too were subjected to similar sufferings by women.

Already more than 1,600 affected people, including prominent personalities, those from the film industry and educationalists have poured their sufferings.

Speaking about the #WeToo (men) movement, Journo Varahi told UNI that the personal details of the male victims, who had shared their harrowing experiences, would be protected.

Narrating one incident that appeared in the hashtag, he said a person, who holds a top post in an educational institution, was being constantly threatened by a woman, with whom he had an affair a few years ago.

He said the woman was using middleman, who acted as the agent, to threaten him and was demanding Rs three crore, failing which she would post about him in ‘MeToo’ women movement.

The threat from that woman has been on the rise ever since the ‘MeToo’ movement gained popularity, Varashi said, quoting the victim.

Varahi said he was holding consultations with lawyers and was planning to file a petition in the Supreme Court on how to take this legally forward and also to demand a probe into the complaints.

He said among the victims who had posted in ‘WeToo’ (men) was an MLA from North India.

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