Biography: Sheela Chamariya – A Sculptures Artist In Delhi

Biography: Sheela Chamariya - A Sculptures Artist In Delhi

Sheela Chamaria is an Indian artist who lives and works in Delhi- India.
Originally from Calcutta and after living for 15 years in Calcutta, the artist settled in Delhi with her family. She relied on the fertile ground of the country to develop and grow the expression of her art. She now shares her time creating and teaching in her studio in Delhi and taking workshops at various institutions and art galleries, she collaborates with. She conducts corporate training in some of the leading companies in Delhi.
Sheela is partly a self-taught sculptor who works mostly with bronze. With an academic background in both life science and design, she worked as a textile and garment designer while doing art for few years, but for last 15 years is dedicating herself to art. The artist learned by herself, through her work with Indian craftsmen and through her interaction with Indian sculpture and casting experts She Also Learned wax Painting under German artist Micheal T, and now practice the same in her own interpretation.
SheelaChamaria has exhibited her works several times, in solo and group shows including India. She has shown her work through 14 solos and more than 50 group participation at reputed centers in India and abroad, including India Art Fair for Several consecutive years. Her artworks are now in the interiors of several European, American and Indian art lovers and art collectors.
Sheela Chamariya’s sculptures and installations are immediately recognizable by the way they capture authentic, beautiful or touching moments in a photographic manner. The apparent lightness of the bronze in her artworks sublimates the matter. The positions’ accuracy is reinforced by the condor and the empathy that emerge from the expressions of her characters. Finally, the color/regular patinas of her bronzes bring an energy and a modernity very specific to Sheela  Chamaria’s work.
Works of Sheela Chamariya visually enchant us and their intent captures our imagination to our core. She chooses to narrate her soft delicate world through the strength of bronze, with prominent lines and flat surface, assigning language that has soothing and sublime feel to offer on the retinal level, and at the level of heart and mind they instil us a curiosity of rare kind where one start getting signals from one’s memory and there is instant connection to her narrative to one’s own narration. Thus creating within us a fresh ground where one becomes truly appreciative of her playful but intense creative process, a process in which certain things are being retrieved and at some time being created as well.
Her work seems to transmit certain vision and emotions with purity. Her creative journey exudes a sense of joy in her expression, ‘let’s play’ a mother playing with her child is portrayed just by body language and lyrical nature of lines, simplification of forms and vibrancy. The moments in a male-female relationship are captured in all their languid sensual beauty as they entwine on several planes in the set titled Moments.
From the beginning, Sheela Chamariya expressed herself on her favorite themes: relationships, moments, life, childhood, love and spirituality. Since 20012, the artist focuses specifically on the theme of relationships-be it between human, human and animals, human, and nature, through bronze and fiberglass sculptures and installations.
Sheela’s works are in the collection of- Luxor Group, Oswal Group, Stevens Inst. Of Tech., USA, British High Commissioner to India2004-2007, and Deputy British High Commissioner2003-2006, Jindal Group, Mr. Niville Tuli, Ms. Priya Paul, Dalmia, Burmans(Dabur group), Unitec,  Ranbaxy and many in various private collection in India and abroad.
B.Sc. (H) from Hindu College, Delhi University.
Diploma in Sculpture.
Worked and exposed to Wax Paintings by Michael T (German Artist)
More than 20 years.
Holding regular classes for Sculpture at Studio.
Taking regular workshops in various school & Colleges. (St Stephens, Hindu)art galleries
Judging Art Events for school n colleges
Sculpture and Murals in Bronze, Resin, Ceramic (Raku), fiberglass with various finishes (gold foil, bronze, colored etc)
Emboss Copper and Brass Sheet Murals, Wax Paintings on paper

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